The Detroit Red Wings’ season has not gone as planned. They are way out of the playoff race, and they are going to likely be big sellers at the NHL trade deadline. Their problems went from bad to worse when the team had a little incident on the bench. It wasn’t against the other team either; it was between two people on the same side.

Defenseman Jonathan Ericsson went to toss a puck over to a fan, and the puck did not make it entirely over the glass. In fact, it hit off the glass and hit his coach Doug Houda directly in the head.

When you try to be nice and it backfires on you. . . (?: r/hockey)

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Houda’s reaction is priceless, but then the trainer next to him realizes that he is actually hurt. They grab a towel and Houda begins to pat down his head to clear off the blood. Good intentions from Ericsson end up leading to physical pain for Houda.

If one play could summarize the Red Wings season in a moment, this may be it. Hopefully next time Houda will be wearing a helmet while patrolling behind the bench.


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