Former WFAN radio personality Mike Francesa is retired, but that doesn’t mean he is done spitting out hot takes. He has appeared on The Bill Simmons Podcast multiple times since retiring, and in this case, he was a guest on WOR radio.

Francesa was asked for his thoughts on Jason Kelce and the rant he had during the Super Bowl parade. The results from Francesa are both odd and genuinely off-kilter.

The transcription comes courtesy of For The Win:

“I was in the car when I heard it, and people were replaying it like it was the greatest thing in the world. How dumb are you to replay that? I mean, I wouldn’t give that one second (of) airtime. That’s embarrassing. That’s not the place or the time to do that, you’ve got kids who take off from school, you’ve got families who this is a life experience for them, to be at a parade for a Super Bowl for a city, and you get up there and go into a 15-minute, profanity-laced tirade? It’s ridiculous! Nobody wants to hear that! If I were the owner of the team, I’d cut him.”

Just by itself, the line about cutting Kelce is a ridiculous thought. He should be cut for an inspired speech during the Super Bowl parade? That doesn’t make any sense at all. While Francesa has been off of the radio for a little bit at this point, he couldn’t have lost his fastball this quickly.

This rant feels more like my recently deceased grandpa arguing than anything else. Francesa gets off the radio, and he brings out his uninspired takes. What a shame.

[For The Win]

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