Finally, Kim “Geguri” Se-Yeon has found her rightful home in the Overwatch League.

The Shanghai Dragons announced Se-Yeon, along with four other Korean players, were joining the squad. Se-Yeon, a Zarya main, was widely considered the best Overwatch player not in the league. She’s the first female player to join the pro circuit.

Now 19, Geguri is a downright ridiculous Zarya. As a 16-year-old, she put up such good win rates with the tank character; people accused her of cheating. Geguri’s ability to soak up damage with her barrier shield combined with her beam accuracy (especially from long range) made her one of the best players in the World.

The Dragons have struggled all season, as the only winless Overwatch League team (among 12).

Signing Geguri is a win for inclusiveness in the league, but even better, we now we get to watch one of the best Zarya’s take on the best in the World on the pro stage. Hopefully, Geguri is the first of many females to join the male-dominated OW league.

She deserves to be there, and for the winless dragons, signing her and inserting her into the rotation might help them turn their winless season around.

Where can I order a Geguri jersey?

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