One of the biggest taboo moments in sports is the bat flip in baseball. No one likes seeing their opponent throw their bat in the air after a big hit. It is part of the unwritten rules of baseball that many players adhere to, even today. Just like basketball and hockey, you never openly talk about the rules, you’re just supposed to know.

The college baseball season is only starting, and we may already have the most disrespectful bat flip in the world. Justin Neo of Hillsborough Community College launched a ball into another stratosphere. He did this with two men on base as well; this is one hell of a moment.

Many hate this celebration, but to me, it is the ultimate exclamation point. This hit just solidified the win, and it makes your teammates go wild. What else could you want?

Jose Bautista had the most disrespectful of all-time and is a legend in Toronto now. That is what bat flips do, and now Justin Neo will live on in infamy.


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