There aren’t many household names that come out of the Winter Olympics. It isn’t because they aren’t incredible athletes, it is because many of the sports are so niche. One athlete, U.S. snowboarder Shaun White has transcended it all.

Just how far does his reach go? How about in Pyeongchang, South Korea?

There is a burger in South Korea that is named after him called “The Flying Tomato Burger.” It can only be ordered by him, and it costs $920 USD.

What a ridiculous menu item. It isn’t like White would show up and try to eat the burger anyway.

Too late, folks, he has already been to the restaurant and had one for himself. The meal was free, and the contents of said burger are ridiculous. Reuters reports that the contents of the burger are ‘made up of two patties, two types of cheese and two chicken wings.’

White was filmed eating the burger by his coach JJ Thomas.

That is an awful lot of calories that White is going to need to burn off. As a gold medalist already and a favorite for another, in White’s case it is good to have some fun.


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