The NFL silly season always starts with head coaching changes all over the league. The Indianapolis Colts thought they had their man in New England Patriots’ offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels. McDaniels spurned the Colts, and it left many up in arms. Instead, the Colts have brought in Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive coordinator Frank Reich instead.

Reich along with Eagles’ head coach Doug Pederson were instrumental in defeating the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

To ensure that the Colts didn’t make a mess of their announcement again, they made Reich take a photo with a current newspaper. They didn’t want to leave any doubt. Can you blame them either?

Even after this was posted, Colts’ fans were giving the account a hard time asking for more and more confirmation. This is what happens when the team account gets it wrong. The trust was broken, and now they’re needy.

Reich has the pedigree to turn the Colts’ around, and once he finally takes the field with the team, fans will finally believe he is the teams’ coach.

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