Boston Bruins’ forward Brad Marchand is known for towing the line and making questionable hits. He was on the receiving end of a hit on Sunday that should’ve shown him just what a solid hit looks like now.

New Jersey Devils’ defenseman Damon Severson at the end of their game against the Bruins put a stiff hit on Marchand. It was in the waning moments, and Marchand’s teammates didn’t take kindly too it. They tried to fight Severson even though Marchand’s pass led to a goal.

That is hockey for you.

As Marchand continues to do his act on the ice, he can learn from Severson. You’re still allowed to throw hits in hockey; they just can’t aim for the head. Marchand has had trouble with that and will continue to if he keeps playing the same way.

It is a shame too as Marchand is a fantastic offensive player and continues to prove his worth. If he can stay on the ice, the Bruins have a chance to win the Stanley Cup. Hopefully, he can learn from this hit from Severson and apply it later on.

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