As the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea start you’ll see names that you’re not entirely aware of yet. That is part of the fun of the games is the athletes that come out and make a name for themselves.

A name that some may not know is Red Gerard. He is a snowboarder competing in slopestyle. He is the only United States athlete to make it to the qualifying round of this event.

While talking to The Player’s Tribune, Gerard told us what we already knew about snowboarding. It is a bit scary.

Here is the quote from Gerard transcribed by For The Win:

“It’s a bit scary, but there’s kinda no feeling like it — you know, just flying through the air. I mean, I guess I’ve done it so much it just kind of feels pretty natural to me now, but it’s definitely a pretty cool feeling, I would say.”

While the Winter Olympics air on NBC and these events get more publicity, you’ll end up discovering new events. Curling and biathlon always end up being the events discovered every four years. After Gerard’s quote, maybe the daredevil in you wants to try on slopestyle, even if it is “a bit scary.”

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