Championship parades are always a lot of fun. The fans are drinking and carrying on, so are many of the players as well. The moments in the community are fantastic and make for lifelong memories. Philadelphia Eagles players Chris Long and Jason Kelce took it to another level.

And we need plenty more moments like it.

The part that seems to be forgotten in all of this is the fact that sports are supposed to be fun. The talk of skillful performances can be tiring. Seeing players and people enjoy themselves is needed. The championship parade brought out the craziness but why can’t that be around always?

The billion dollar industries demand perfection at all turns and many times it means short careers. But this isn’t exclusive to just football. The only sport to truly embrace fun has been pro basketball. Everything about it is performative and riveting. Other sports need to emulate it to allow for similar growth.

While Philadelphia was front and center yesterday, the talk was mostly centered around Kelce and Long’s outfits. When seeing random acts of fun, it can become contagious. The news wants to cover that rather than the old stand-by’s.

Give them something to talk about in the best way possible.

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