The Olympics always have a disaster of some sort before the games. It isn’t new by any stretch, and it makes for odd moments before, during and after the games. The upcoming Winter Olympics aren’t going to be any different as a broad swath of security guards are sidelined.

1,200 security guards have been struck by the norovirus, and with it, they have been removed from duty. South Korean officials have brought in 900 South Korean soldiers to work as security for the games.

This info from Reuters describes the measures being taken before the opening ceremonies:

“That is the first thing but you will have also hand sanitizers. All areas are getting disinfected. They (organizers) will be extremely diligent to sanitize anything that came into contact with the persons. Very stringent measures are in place when it comes to food and beverage.”

The outbreak apparently took place because all of the guards were staying at the same hotel. It doesn’t bode well for those in the Olympic village that will be in close quarters. Then again, the norovirus comes up at nearly every Olympic games, and it doesn’t adversely affect it. It is another in a long line of worries before the games go off.

The opening ceremonies take place this upcoming Friday, February 9.


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