A quick one-liner turned into a hilarious second of confusion on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl champions Jay Ajayi and Corey Clement appeared on the popular late-night program, where they discussed winning the big game and their perspectives of the biggest win in Eagles history. Mid-way through the interview, Kimmel tells the duo “Foles as traded an hour ago,” which leaves a look of sheer confusion on the two players’ faces.

At the 5:55 mark.

From For The Win:

Ajayi: “I was a little hurt because I had just got traded, so I was just enjoying playing with him, so I was like ‘man, I just lost my buddy.’ But hey, we had Niner [Nick Foles], and he came in, stepped right in and we got it done.”

Kimmel: “Yes you did get it done. Now did you hear that Foles was traded about an hour ago?”

Clement and Ajayi: “….”

Clement and Ajayi laughed along afterward, but you can tell for the smallest amount of time, they thought Foles, the Super Bowl MVP was dealt.

Considering how ruthless the NFL is when it comes to trades, releases, and franchise tags, it’s not all that surprising the two considered the deal a real possibility. For now, Foles stays in Philly.

[For The Win]

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