After the Philadelphia Eagles took down the New England Patriots’, we knew that it was going to be a raucous celebration. With their first Super Bowl win, it would be nothing short of a huge party. As the videos began to come in last night, it was more than you could’ve imagined.

There were people climbing up on poles; people were celebrating in their own home. A lot was happening, and the celebration only seemed to be getting started.

Philadelphia is already losing its mind after the Eagles’ #SuperBowl win

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That wasn’t the only celebration of the night; there were plenty more. One of the most significant was people partying on top of an awning. Police officers also showed up and were celebrating with the fans that were out in full force. A bunch was happening, and it was absolute mayhem.

While there was a bunch of damage done to the city and a lot of downtown structures, it appears that everything, for the most part, is okay. The city will just need to get ready for the parade that will be a spectacle as well. Local business owners will just hope it is nowhere near as rambunctious.

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