The celebrations all over Philadelphia ranged from the depraved to the fun. A couple of fans took it to another level and specifically to a place fans shouldn’t go. We’re talking about the weird toilet based celebrations that fans are now doing. The last time it was seen was during the Cavaliers’ parade when a fan ate horse crap off of the street.

It was the championship parade; craziness was happening. It was all excused. Now Philadelphia is getting in on the action after their Eagles’ win. A person takes a drink out of a plunger, and yes, another fan takes a bite out of a turd. What a world.

These fans will live in infamy for a while. Then again this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you might as well make a once in a lifetime ass out of yourself. These fans were up to the task. Good for them. Now the parade is coming up, and it will give us similar videos to this.

Prepare yourselves.

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