Whatever your opinion of NBC’s coverage of hockey is, there are a couple of undeniable facts about the coverage. One of them is that wherever they place former NHLer and current analyst Jeremy Roenick, he somehow makes a headline. The entire pregame show this week for the NHL on NBC has been up in Minnesota.

That means that Jeremy Roenick has had multiple opportunities to do winter activities that he wouldn’t otherwise do. They’ve had him go ice fishing. They also gave him a chainsaw at one point this past week.

Now they had him ski with a dog pulling him along behind.

The spill he takes is absolutely fantastic. This wasn’t a WWE type of fall; he really eats the ground when he was trying to stop. To give credit to Roenick, he is willing to do anything in front of the camera. They’re running out of winter activities before the Super Bowl, Roenick is going to need to do a lot to one up this one.

There may be plenty of criticisms about the coverage, but the ability to keep you guessing is one positive for their coverage. Roenick’s willingness to try anything is a significant asset to them.

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