Former NBA star Tracy McGrady is team Blake when it comes to the recent Clippers deal. The team dealt their star power forward to the Detroit Pistons earlier this week.

TMZ caught up with the former Houston Rockets star where they asked him about the recent Blake Griffin trade which sent shockwaves through the NBA. McGrady wasn’t a fan of the Clippers motives.

“For somebody that got that type of history with the organization, he’s the one that really started to get the Clippers on a winning path … yeah, that’s very disrespectful.”

Disrespectful is accurate. Griffin gave his heart and soul to the organization, was promised he’d be a Clipper for life, signed a huge long-term deal and was dealt less than a year later. It’s bad optics.

However, what’s not lousy optics is the Clippers reasoning for trading him. Owing an insane amount of money and getting a lucrative return for Griffin, L.A. saw an out and took it. It wasn’t the wrong decision even if the Clippers did Griffin dirty.

McGrady isn’t wrong. Griffin did a lot for the franchise and was left unwanted and disrespected. But, again, the NBA is a business, and that happens. That still leaves a sour taste in McGrady’s, and many people’s, mouths.

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