After the Philadelphia Eagles took down the Minnesota Vikings, the fans took to the streets. Philadelphia police tried to combat the possible win by putting Crisco on many light poles around town. The hope was that it would discourage people from climbing up high. It did not deter them, and in fact, it seemed to highlight the light poles even more.

Now Philadelphia police aren’t going to even bother with greasing the light poles. There will be extra police present, but that isn’t a task they’re undertaking. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross even noted that the Crisco wasn’t slick enough.

So how exactly do you go about fixing the post-game festivities? Philly is going to be out and about no matter what. They are going to get after it, and it will make for one heck of a night. Keeping everyone safe and sound is the priority. Police Commissioner Ross has described the extra officers as a “sizeable contingent.”

While the on the field activities will need to be monitored, the off-field storylines will be fun to follow as well. How the reaction from eastern Pennsylvania unfolds will depend on an Eagles win or loss. Nick Foles has the fate of a city on his shoulders. No pressure, right?


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