The post period interview is a standard hockey tradition. It happens night in and night out with little fanfare. Mostly canned answers are used by players to keep the exercise moving. Stefan Loibl of the Straubing Tigers was giving an interview to the opposing team before a near-death experience almost struck.

Loibl plays in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL), which is the top German league in the country. One would assume that the person operating the Zamboni knew what he was doing, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

It doesn’t appear that any foul play was involved, but it is fishy that he was giving an opposing interview at the time. The reactions from everyone involved are fantastic. The person interviewing Loibl is aghast for a moment but then appears to move on. The camera crew that is helping out, take the brunt of the hit, they look up at the player with disdain and shock. Poor fellas.

The scene plays out more like a moment from a scary movie than it does anything else. There is a reason why NHL interviews take place in arena hallways. You’re much less likely to get run over by a Zamboni then.

Then again, no one could ever expect a driver running over a camera crew and nearly a player as well. Keep your head up as all good hockey players are supposed to do.


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