A Super Bowl in Minneapolis, Minnesota is bound to make for plenty of weird moments. This isn’t a slight against the city and state; it is just an entirely different locale than previous hosts.

One of the more peculiar moments from the beginning of the week has already taken place. It comes in the form of CBS’ James Brown fake ice fishing. How does a person do that? When a local TV station sets it up for you, that’s how.

WCCO, the local CBS affiliate is doing a great thing by raising money for underserved kids. The phenomenon of fake ice fishing and getting your line wet that is an entirely different story. It is just weird enough, and the timing is perfect that it shouldn’t surprise anyone that people came out. Heck, they got the media veteran to come out and brave the cold for a moment.

He isn’t the only person to participate as the station also got Anthony Munoz and Minnesota Golden Gophers head football coach P.J. Fleck to take part.The idiom goes “it’s so crazy it might just work,” and in the case of this station, they pushed the right buttons and did just that.

All the kudos to them and the money they have raised thus far. Throughout the week they’ll be trying to draw in other people. Who else is going to fake ice fish before the Super Bowl?

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