If you’re an Ohio State football fan, you want to forget that day. If you’re an Iowa football fan, it is a day you won’t soon forget. When Ohio State went into Iowa for their game, it was supposed to be like any other. The Buckeyes were supposed to roll.

After an epic comeback against Penn State, the Buckeyes then were trounced against the Hawkeyes. Then quarterback J.T. Barrett threw four interceptions and the Hawkeyes would win 55-24.

On that same day, the Hawkeyes continued their new tradition that has transformed into one of the best in sports. The entire stadium, including players and coaches, waved over to the Iowa Children’s Hospital. Now two former players, one of which was an essential part of that game have donated money to the hospital.

The kicker? They raised the money from selling their all-black jerseys from that game against Ohio State.

Both of the players have graduated and moved on to the next level, so no NCAA violations are possibly in play. These two have made a big difference on the field and are now showing they can do so off the field as well. What a way to make an unforgettable day all the more special.

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