New England Patriots’ linebacker James Harrison has made a Super Bowl before so this isn’t his first go around. He has won one with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but he has already instituted a strict policy for tickets. It isn’t a lottery system. It isn’t picking names out of a hat.

You have to pay up if you want to come to the Super Bowl.

“If you pay for ’em, you get ’em,” he told NFL Network’s Steve Smith on Super Bowl Opening Night.

With 13 siblings, how could he not make that the policy? Thre are a lot of costs to take into consideration. You can’t blame him at all. While this may or may not be his last go around at the Super Bowl, Harrison will still be a primary storyline. He only seems to get stronger and stronger with age.

If he can affect the outcome of the game, the Patriots decision making will once again receive praise. But first, he needs to worry about collecting from his family before the big game.

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