Elon Musk has been selling flamethrowers at $500 a piece. It is a weird decision, and the mogul has been tweeting out milestones bit by bit. He has recently hit the 15,000 mark and let me tell you; this is an incredibly dumb development.

First off, how often are you going to use a flamethrower? Could there be a more useless instrument? This item isn’t being used in an instance where trees need to be burnt down, or the zombie apocalypse is coming. Musk is a guy who just enjoys making money and acting like a doofus in the process.

He has a million ideas in the metaphoric fire right now, and all of it centers around the idea of him saving the world in one way. Out of all of the actual things that have come through, his most significant plans haven’t come to fruition. It is a weird distraction and an even stranger spectacle.

People are going to keep buying this flamethrower developed by The Boring Company, and no one will stop you. I am here to tell you to stop buying them and realize that snake oil comes in all shapes and sizes. The incessant need to buy into his weird brand is entirely your choice but remember it is a choice.

I won’t be a part of it.

About Sam Blazer

Sam is a self proclaimed chess prodigy. He once placed seventh in the state of Ohio in Chess when he was in kindergarten. He will rarely if ever mention though that only eight people were entered in this tournament. Contact him at sblaze17@gmail.com