It’s January 25th, and Eric Hosmer is still a free agent looking for a new home. One of his mooted destinations could be the San Diego Padres, and when baseball fans woke up on Thursday, they saw bizarre posts from the Padres social media accounts talking about Hosmer, and they’re cryptic, weird, and in the end, nonsense.

Some reports suggested that the team offered Hosmer seven years and $140 million to sign, however, he hadn’t actually signed yet, in spite of these social media posts. The Royals have reportedly offered $147 million over the same seven years. So what’s the explanation for the posts if they’re not right? They were hacked, of course!

When in doubt, we were hacked. So Eric Hosmer isn’t yet a Padre or a Royal, but we do have another example of social media accounts being “hacked” in situations like this.

Why haven’t teams (and MLB Advanced Media) invested in better cybersecurity yet?

[For The Win]

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