The documented videos of Philadelphia Eagles’ fans recorded before the NFC Championship game are the worst part of sports. Fans acting dumb isn’t anything new. In the age of cell phones and viral videos, the Eagle fans shown yelling at Minnesota Vikings fans will make your stomach churn.

It wasn’t just random Viking fans walking by that took abuse, it was also some of the players’ family as well. Vikings quarterback Case Keenum had his family in attendance. Keenum spoke to KFAN about the verbal abuse his family took but wouldn’t go into too much detail.

“It was tough. I’m not gonna tell you any stories…there was some situations that were not good. I’m glad I had some of my friends there to intercede. It was tough on everyone, not just us on the field.”

There is always a few bad apples in every fan base, and this is in no way indicative of Philadelphia as a whole but who would want to visit now? It ensures that visiting fans will think twice about going to an Eagles’ game. Is that really what you want to encourage in sports?

At the very least, let’s make sure that the players’ families aren’t the targets of further verbal taunting. Can we agree to that Philadelphia?

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