Strength coaches at every school are a scary bunch. They mold a lot of high schoolers and put them on their way to be the players they are in professional leagues. They need to be a bit unhinged.

While the mental sanity of the Georgia Tech strength coach isn’t up for debate, he has put a player or two through the ringer. As the school started to break up their dressing room, Zach Reed, the strength coach took part. He wasn’t going to hold back.

The Georgia Tech strength coach has arms as big as my thighs. Sheesh.

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The way he wields a sledgehammer is similar to how I swing a boneless wing to my mouth. Both are done with plenty of zest and love.

According to, the renovation was a long time in the making:

Georgia Tech has begun a $4.5 million renovation to its football locker room, a project that will transform the Yellow Jackets’ 15-year-old locker room into one of college football’s most state-of-the-art dressing areas.

What better way to get a demolition started than to have Reed knock down a couple of structures. That will show other schools you mean business. Or at least show that Tech’s strength coach can rip anyone in half.

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