Gabe Kapler is the new manager for the Phillies, and in his first managerial job, he’s certainly trying to get everyone to buy into what he’s selling. He’s an excitable guy, incredibly motivated and makes you want to believe in him with everything he says and does.

In a recent press conference, Kapler said Phillies fans could expect a lot of things this year, such as “playing with intensity and for the man next to you,” and that they’ll “be prepared” and other nonsense cliches. But then, Kapler comes in with a decidedly non-cliche clincher:

What constitutes a “s***load of wins,” exactly? They haven’t finished above .500 since 2011, and haven’t won more than 73 games since 2012. So does that mean the Phillies are going to win more games than they have recently? That doesn’t exactly fit the profile, but for the Phillies, who have been moribund and terrible for a half-decade, maybe that counts.

They did add some good bullpen help this season, Carlos Santana from the Indians, and have home run machine Rhys Hoskins playing a full season, so there is a reason for optimism.

But we’re still left to wonder what a s***load of wins is, exactly. But when Gabe Kapler says it, Phillies fans are probably going to believe him.

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