Denis Shapovalov is one of the great young players in men’s tennis, especially after his star-making performance at the Rogers Cup last August. But what seems to be still hampering one of the game’s considerable young talents are bananas, specifically, being able to peel them easily during a changeover. 

Now while we don’t appreciate references here to one of the worst songs ever written by anyone, seeing Shapovalov struggle with a banana more than he did with his opponent certainly makes us laugh. At the start of these majors, we often see similar silliness like this, and it always lightens the mood. His coaches weren’t too pleased with his lack of dexterity because of course, the cameras found them at just the right time.

Weirdly enough, Shapovalov wasn’t the only player that had a bit of an incident with a banana. CoCo Vandeweghe, who was playing her match after reportedly suffering from the flu, refused to play until she ate a banana first. This created a pretty weird back-and-forth between her and match officials, which included the word “rude” because of course, it did.

Shapovalov won, but CoCo lost her match. Bananas it turns out are incredibly crucial for the success of big-name tennis players at the biggest of moments, and they will not be denied getting one, whether it be from another person or the banana itself.

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