It’s hard to believe that Connor McDavid is just now turning 21, and is there a better place in the world to become 21 then in Las Vegas? While he’s been legally allowed to drink in Canada for two years now, turning 21 is a big deal south of the 49th parallel, and McDavid certainly knew how to celebrate.

So how did one of the league’s biggest superstars celebrate the big day? It started with a 3-2 overtime win over the Vegas Golden Knights, and continued with McDavid partying with another tremendous Canadian export (not really): The Chainsmokers!

Because the Oilers are now on their league-mandated five day bye week, the notoriously silly Edmonton media is not going to go ape that McDavid’s partying habits are showing how he’s a lousy captain and is ruining a season for the Oilers that was already destroyed well before this trip to Vegas and McDavid’s birthday.

Most importantly, it’s good to see McDavid isn’t just a hockey-playing cyborg and can legitimately enjoy himself as most other 21-year-olds would do. That’s a good sign.

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