While doing wayyyyy too much research on Roger Clemens, Johnny Damon, and Denny Hamlin, I come to find out that Clemens loves karaoke. The guy is always trying to get people on the mic. If he isn’t pressuring someone to get up there, he is up there himself. It is an admirable yet crazy obsession.

As Clemens, Damon, and Hamlin were down in Florida for a golf tournament, it appears the karaoke bug struck again. This time it was Clemens and Damon putting pressure on Hamlin to sing a tune. The tune of choice? The ‘Thong Song,’ of course.

Sisqo may be a one-hit wonder but what a one hit it was. Whenever this song comes on, the party immediately goes to a different level. Clemens and Damon definitely wanted it to get to that point.

When Roger Clemens and @johnnydamon ask you to step up to the mic ?

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While we don’t see Clemens and Damon pressuring Hamlin, I am still happy we get to see the singing. Who knew that Hamlin could karaoke so well?

According to Busted Coverage, the crew only did a mediocre job on the golf course:

As for the golf, Clemens finished 28th, Damon finished in a tie for 50th out of 52, (Brent) Saberhagen was 31st and Hamlin was 43rd. Mardy Fish finished with 75 points and the $100,000 first place prize. Michael Waltrip finished last with -42, but took home $2,225.

Booze, golf and karaoke, a combination unlike any other.

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