I’ll start this off by saying that I am not the biggest Dragonball Z fan in the world. What I do know is that the show has one of the most fervent followings ever. It doesn’t matter the collection of people you’re with, they’ll know the show, and a couple will be superfans.

This shoe that Adidas is releasing specifically for that superfan. Though that fan may have to wait a while for the shoe to drop as they won’t come out until late in 2018.


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It appears that seven different sneakers inspired by the show will be released in between August and December of this year.


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The designs on these are fantastic. They are simple but still stand out. If you can do that in today’s shoe climate, you have an excellent collection coming out.

It won’t be long before your favorite show that you watched after school gets a shoe. For me, I would definitely grab a pair of Invader Zim shoes to have on my shelf.


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