Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer is coming off one of his best seasons as a pitcher. He was a player to be reckoned with last season, and his 17 wins with a high K/9 only proves that point.

Bauer isn’t accepting good though. He wants to be one of the best. During this high-intensity drill, it looks like Bauer takes a dozen steps and then throws a tinier baseball. He throws it an absurd 117 MPH according to the radar gun on site.

No clue what the noise in the video was but it doesn’t take away from this insanity.

Bauer approaches the net like a crazy person and absolutely unloads. Driveline is known for their weighted ball training and working with various pitchers to reclaim their game. It is why this speed is so out of whack with a three-ounce ball.

If this training clip is any indication, Bauer will be ready for 2018. If you are into baseball betting online for the Indians this year, check out Lets all just hope that he has more body control than he showed the public in this training session.

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