Making the Olympics as an individual is a beautiful accomplishment. It shows that hard work and determination can pay off for so many.

One female figure skater Ashley Wagner placed fourth at the U.S. Championships and won’t be going to Pyongchang. She is listed as a first alternate, and when speaking to the media, she let loose. This was all after she found out that she was docked on her artistic scores.

All transcriptions come courtesy of USA Today.

“I am absolutely furious. I know when I go and I lay it down and I absolutely left one jump on the table (turning a triple salchow into a single) but for me to put out two programs that I did at this competition, as solid as I skated and to get those scores, I am furious, and I think deservedly so.”

Naturally, when many athletes speak their mind, people are outraged at their open comments. Wagner would go onto the Today Show and explain her remarks, letting it be known that she wouldn’t change what she said.

“What you see is what you get with me, and I pride myself on being honest and open. I think at the end of the day, based on the selection criteria, they absolutely made the right call with this team.

… I think the only thing that I question is my scores compared to my scores in the past. You know, I scored lower on the second mark in my short program than I did in a competition that I was injured at. Those are the things that I’m confused about, but the technical side I think was totally fair. I ended up where I ended up.”

Good for her. She amends part of it but also sticks to her guns here. When you work as hard as these Olympians to make the team, a fiery comment should be the least of anyone’s worries. Wagner wants to represent her country at the highest level. Who can blame her?

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