The memory of a loved one who has passed is a key part of the grief process. One father is trying to pick up the pieces surrounding his late son. A burglary has now turned his grief process into a completely different process entirely.

Chris Vorrath, a Portland resident, lost his son Corban last January at the age of 29. Just before the holidays, burglars came into his home and took a very important part of Corban’s life, his shoe collection. Not just any shoes, his collection of Air Jordans. The report is unclear if these shoes are collectors items or if they were worn by the basketball legend himself.

Nonetheless, the act is horrible and sets a family back a great deal.

“It means a lot to me, it means a lot to his mom,” said Vorrath. “We’d like to have it back because it’s a part of his life that we’d like to hold as a connection to his memory.”

While the burglary itself was heinous, the memories and the people left grieving truly make this a heart wrenching story. To make matters even worse, the burglars took the flash drive of Corban’s memorial service as well.

An anonymous donor is offering a $2,500 reward for the return of these irreplaceable items.


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