At a Cincinnati youth basketball league game, Tony Rue was shocked to see the jerseys that some of the kids were wearing. He saw one child wearing a jersey with “knee grow” on the back and another with “coon” (the child’s last name was Kuhn). After Rue had done some fantastic investigative journalism on his own (good work), he went public with what he found only a few days ago, and the story has caught fire.

Here is what Rue wrote on Facebook:

The league is apparently one compromised of kids who like playing basketball but were cut from their respective high school teams, so there was very little oversight into the matter.

WCPO adds this:

Rue was there for his son’s recreational basketball league. A team of boys from West Clermont High School was playing a team from Kings High. The team’s aren’t affiliated with the school districts, other than renting space and having players who are students.

The Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League called the game before it was over because of the Kings’ boys’ jerseys.

“I couldn’t have made this up and had anyone believe me, I couldn’t have,” Rue said. “You’re talking eight, nine layers of people and adults seeing these jerseys and thinking it’s just a joke.

And the team, which was named “Wet Dream Team” (of course it was), was also kicked out of the league because of the naming fiasco. It’s bad enough that anyone of any age thought this was funny or clever, but it’s worse that no one stopped them before it reached this stage.

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