The Bills made their first playoff appearance since 1999, and boy did they celebrate in the parking lots in Jacksonville before the game. Plenty of Bills fans made their way down to Northeast Florida for the occasion (though not as many as some would have lead you to believe), but for those who did make their way down, they certainly left their mark.

It didn’t even start in the parking lots; it began on the flights down where they checked the tables!

But those tables were to meet a sad and inevitable fate:

“I don’t understand this tradition”, he writes, but I bet he understands it now.

#billsmafia #gobills

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Table breaking out here in Jax… #BillsMafia

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Those tables never stood a chance. But, the activity continued long beyond the parking lots, and into EverBank Field, and when you go up against Duval, naturally, there’s going to be some pushback, and there was.

Look at how the guy at the bottom left is just casually watching this chaos unfold in front of him, eating his sandwich as if nothing is happening. Duval!

But though #BillsMafia made their presence known in the parking lots and the stadium, sadly, their team could not do the same on the field. And so we are left to wait until August for another edition of #BillsMafia chronicles, but we do have quite the archive to help us pass the time until then.

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