The 2017 New York Giants season was nothing short of a disaster on and off the field, and quite a bit of the burning tire fire came from Eli Apple, the second year corner who has sadly made more waves off the field than on it. He didn’t do too much to put the fire out with another tweetstorm a few nights ago.

It started with this Eli Apple tweet about being hated, etc.:

That naturally leads to a bunch of comments from unguarded Twitter, and Apple responded to a few. As you may well expect, it didn’t go well.

Responding to people with dog avatars is terrible enough, but people with dog filters? Even worse. Advice to the world: if someone has anything related to a dog in their social media profile, ignore them! Unfortunately, Eli didn’t do that, and the mess got messier:

This went on and on for far too long because naturally, it was going to, until the unlikeliest of people came in with the proverbial fire extinguisher: Odell Beckham.

Who knew Odell Beckham was going to be the one to save a teammate from Twitter flame wars? Beckham is undoubtedly right about him, Apple, and the Giants, and based on some of the reports that came out about Apple and his attitude behind the scenes, he may want to take OBJ’s advice sooner rather than later.

Your New York Football Giants, everyone.

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