The camaraderie among football players and the bonds they make is second to none. When it comes to a quarterback and a wide receiver, the relationship can be complicated. It can be rocky, but there is also a chance of a smooth mutually beneficial partnership.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia is advocating for Terrell Owens. The wide receiver is up for the pro football hall of fame for the third time after not making it the previous two years. He is one of fifteen finalists to enter into this year’s class potentially.

Garcia spoke to TMZ Sports and talked about his prior riff with Owens, while also campaigning for him.

“He should absolutely make the Hall of Fame. It is just a matter of time, whether it happens this year or next year, just based upon statistics,” Garcia said. “How much of a difference-maker he was on the field. A competitor. All the things you want out of a football player, he brought to the field on a daily basis. He made it happen on the field.”

Considering where he ended his career near the top of any and all categories for his position. How he hasn’t made it in doesn’t make much sense.

“When you look at his statistics, they’re top two to top five in just about every receiving category. Because of that, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame.”

Garcia thinks that even though the relationship didn’t end the way it was supposed to, their working relationship speaks for itself.

“When you look at what we were able to accomplish as quarterback and wide receiver tandem, we did some great things,” Garcia said. “People want to make more out of locker room situations than what it really was. We knew that Terrell was a great contributor on the field. We took him for that, and he showed up every day and went to work. That’s all you can ask of someone.”

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