Back in 2017 (what a weird sentence to type), an odd couple came together to put out a shoe.

Tyler the Creator and Converse, put out two collections of One Star shoes. They sold very well, and they immediately became collector’s items. In 2018, not much has changed except they are releasing three different shoes on January 18.

A successful collaboration breeds more and more chances for the two sides to go back to the well. Tyler has already had partnerships with Adidas and Vans as well. This is a solid “get” from Converse and should do them well as they go continue to corner this new market.

If they’re anything like the previous team up, these shoes will sell out quickly. The Converse One Star and Golf le Fleur joint shoe is coming. Don’t judge a book (shoe) by its cover because someone is always willing to buy.

[Sole Collector]

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