Hockey is easily one of the hardest games to referee. You have to be able to skate, you have to be able to make quick decisions, and you have to deal with twenty plus players on each side screaming at you.

Air Force men’s hockey coach Frank Serratore is a colorful character, but he also tells it like it is. In his most recent rant, he decided to take a swipe at the refs after his team lost 6-0 to Denver.

Air Force was whistled five consecutive times to start the second period and with it, came an elongated penalty kill for his team. Serratore even saw an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after the fifth call against the group. He then turned an ordinarily dull press conference into a magical rant about referees never admitting they’re wrong.

“There are three things I’ve never seen in my life,” he said. “I’ve never seen Bigfoot, I’ve never seen the Easter Bunny, and I’ve never seen a referee say he had a crap game.”

If you’re wondering why Santa wasn’t mentioned among these other creatures, he says that he has met him and he is a “good dude.”

Hockey needs more personalities like Serratore in it. While the on-ice product is always reliable, they need a coach to rile everyone up. Enter Serratore.

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