Air travel can be a bore, but even worse, it can be monotonous. Delays and cancellations can make it all one big mess. If everyone stays in line and follow the rules, it doesn’t have to be terrible.

A passenger on a Ryanair flight wasn’t going to put up with the lines and the waiting. He just wanted to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible. The flight was traveling from London, England to Malaga, Spain, when they arrived at Malaga, there was a wait to get off of the plane.

They had only been waiting about 30 minutes after the flight landed before the passenger decided to take action. He chose to leave out of the emergency exit and leave via the wing of the plane.

Fernando del Valle Villalobos, a passenger on the flight, described the man to the Associated Press after the incident happened. He said, the man “very calmly asked permission to get past, opened the emergency exit, looked out, saw the wing, went back for his back-pack.”

The Spanish authorities are continuing the investigation after the breach of security got reported.


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