Who knew that putting a hockey net in place was such a dangerous job?

In warm-ups, before the Czech Republic took on Sweden at the World Juniors in Buffalo, a member of the KeyBank Arena staff was just trying to put a net on its pegs, as is his job. The Czechs were well into their warmup and were firing pucks on net at will, as you do during warm-ups. One problem: the guy putting the net in was still there with no goalie equipment while the Czechs were firing pucks at him.

Even when he turned the net to its side as he tried desperately to stop the barrage of frozen rubber coming his way, the Czechs didn’t care! After becoming a ninja on the ice to avoid getting bludgeoned by a puck, the Czechs finally came over to apologize for nearly taking the poor guy’s head off. But, as is the case with these stories, it gets worse.

As he was skating off, he gets hit with a random puck during the Swedish warmup. And then he begs for mercy from his fellow arenas to let him off the ice, and surprisingly, they showed him mercy rather than make him a human shooter tutor for much longer.

Poor guy.

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