Before the Pittsburgh Penguins took on the Colorado Avalanche on Monday night, Penguins forward Phil Kessel made a fan’s night. This particular fan went through a wide range of emotions before settling on crying.

All he had to do was hand over a signed stick and it was game over. Heck, the sign she held even said that all she wanted for Christmas was a signed stick and a pictured.

Kessel absolutely delivered.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Penguins’ fan or not, you have to love the kindness of Kessel. He has put up with a lot in his career having to endure a lot of rumors but in the end, he is just a good guy.

While the Penguins lost the game on Monday against the Avalanche, it wasn’t for a lack of effort on Kessel’s part. The American-born forward had four shots on goal, good enough to put him second on the team for the night.

Where Kessel goes, the Penguins go and if he continues to put out that good karmic energy, a third straight Stanley Cup is in the cards.

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