Hockey in the modern age can be a lot like ping pong. The puck goes back and forth then back and forth. It needs dramatic elements. 3v3 has given us some of it but why not take a page from NHL referee Wes McCauley’s book and add drama to it all.

McCauley has been a ref since 2003 and has seen it all including officiating multiple Stanley Cups. His calls are always some of the best and what he does with them keeps everyone on the edge of their seat.

Our timer at the bottom shows you just how long the wait was for both players and fans. You want him to get on with it but you also respect the hustle of keeping us interested.

Just imagine if Ed Hochuli started setting up reversal calls like this on Monday Night Football. It would be amazing and add electricity to the game that was never there before.

It is understandable to hate on McCauley due to the attention given to him but if you’re in full support of a fun league, you’re hopping on his bandwagon.

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