Brent Burns’ beard is one of the most glorious beards in the history of sports, and has made him stand out in a sport where it’s hard to see faces.

But during a scrum last night in the Sharks game against the Oilers, Edmonton forward Patrick Maroon may have gotten a little too close to the majestic facial hair.

I’ve wondered whether Brent Burns’ beard is like Samson’s hair: if it gets cut, does he lose the ability to be one of the best defensemen in the NHL? Maybe Maroon wanted to figure that out. And the crowd certainly noticed what Maroon was trying to do. Hear the cheers when Maroon was “admiring” Burns’ beard?

Maroon scored later in the game during the Oilers win, so maybe touching the majestic facial hair is good luck. Maybe Burns should try that more because he’s had a rough season in terms of scoring.

Hockey beard talk in December as opposed to April or May is also weird, for the record. But talking about Brent Burns’ beard is always fun.

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