Good news for the fine readers of Next Impulse Sports: we have another addition in #BillsMafia tailgate chronicles for you. The bad news: it’s the final one until next season (unless these people turn up en masse for the USA-Canada World Juniors game at New Era Field on December 29). But we have some amazing stories to tell, as there always is on those 10 glorious days for Bills home games every year.

The table didn’t survive, but it did fight back in the end because our friend the table-jumper was actually knocked out. For all of the talk of brain injuries on the field, there’s not enough talk about brain injuries in the parking lot. Maybe after this incident, there should be.

Don’t you just love how our friend Willis McGahee fan took a few seconds to realize he was actually on fire? It’s cold in Buffalo, but it’s not exactly the blizzard from last week. But fire is one element of nature that man sometimes forgets he has tamed, especially in Buffalo parking lots.

Quick question: do ketchup and mustard freeze? They are liquids after all.

It seems some Bills fans wanted to conduct a scientific experiment to find out. Don’t ask us why.

And #BillsMafia is so popular, they’ve even created a legion of imitators:

Because it’s Cleveland, the Browns fan obviously lost to the table in spite of his best efforts.

Will Bills fans tailgate even if they’re playing a playoff road game? We sure hope so. We also hope the tailgating for the outdoor World Juniors game at New Era Field comes close to this.


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