In one of the more ridiculous lawsuits thwarted against an NFL team, a Saints season-ticket holder unveiled this week he’s suing the team because of New Orleans player’s decision to protest the anthem.

Running back Mark Ingram gave a reasonable response on Twitter to the fan, telling him “good luck dude.”

The fan, Lee Dragna, said in the lawsuit (via The New Orleans Advocate) he was displeased over the Saints’ protests.

“It’s my thought pattern that (players) should not be allowed (to protest),” he said. “If you sell tickets to a gaming event for entertainment, you should not be allowed to turn it political.”

As Ingram pointed out, the Saints didn’t even protest in New Orleans. And, to further discredit the lawsuit, New Orleans player’s STOOD for the anthem So.. wouldn’t that make Dragna’s lawsuit pointless?

Dragna’s lawsuit will almost definitely be thrown out as it’s just pointless political posturing. I’ll eat my words if Dragna somehow wins it, but as Ingram said, good luck dude.

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