The Columbus Blue Jackets took a shellacking after they faced off against the Edmonton Oilers in a sloppy game. The Blue Jackets lost 7-2 and with it, one of their top centers may have been injured in the process.

Their notoriously short-tempered coach John Tortorella didn’t have a lot to say about it after the game and put it simply.

“I know you have a job to do,” said Tortorella. “I’m not answering any questions tonight. There’s not sense of (sic) me even trying to answer questions about this evening. OK? So sorry about that. Have a good night.”

This is one way to handle a press conference. John Tortorella does what he wants.

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After many years of yelling at reporters and not answering certain reporters questions, is it possible that the Blue Jackets boss turned a new leaf? This is pretty tame all things considered. It may be one of the shortest press conferences ever but it at least doesn’t involve a tirade.

It is also completely possible that his thoughts may have been with center Brandon Dubinsky who took a fist to the face during a fight. Many in the organization were concerned about his injury.

A significant injury could give him a pass. For now, media are left unsure of how they should take this curt presser.

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