Getting into the Christmas spirit can be the easiest feeling in the world with a few different themes. Snow, Santa, and ugly Christmas sweaters come to mind. Anytime you see an ugly sweater, for whatever reason in the past ten years, it becomes associated with Christmas.

Naturally, everyone wants to cash in on the craze. It doesn’t even have to be a sweater anymore, you can even put the design on a shoe. That is exactly what Concepts and Nike did when they put together their Nike SB Dunk Highs.

They released the shoe in stores on December 2 and then released it online on December 7. The shoe itself cost $125 in stores but it does vary from location to location. Many are already taking the shoe and flipping it online for a higher price.

This isn’t the first time that the shoe has been sold, this collaboration also took place back in 2013. For those that missed out on it way back when this concept has a slightly different design and is available in a multitude of sizes.

They are the perfect stocking stuffer for the sneakerhead in your life if they aren’t already sold out.


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