In the pantheon of great college coaches, Michigan State men’s basketball coach Tom Izzo is at the very top of many lists. There is a reason he wins year after year, he is simply one of the best. Being one of the best, you also have the opportunity to recognize greatness as well.

So who does Tom Izzo appreciate? Judge Greg Mathis, that’s who.

Mathis gives a bunch of praise to Izzo but what really stands out to me is the absolute elation on Izzo’s face. Look at it! He is genuinely excited to be there and is like a kid in a candy shop.

To make it even better, Mathis takes multiple shots at Izzo’s Big10 brethren. Izzo doesn’t dismiss a word of it. He smiles and nods. Mathis even talks about the graduation rate of the players that come through Michigan State that continues to leave Izzo beaming.

When you meet your heroes it can clam you up a little bit.  Although Mathis’ daughter was a student assistant to the men’s team, it looks like there is mutual admiration on both sides of this relationship. What a world we live in. You wouldn’t want to mess with this friendship.

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