MoviePass’ popularity is due in part to an affordable game plan to get people back to the movies. By paying a certain price per month, you’re allowed to go to one movie a day. It is an ingenious plan and has left many movie theater chains flummoxed.

Cinemark wants to change the landscape as well but they want to do it in a different way. They have launched Movie Club which will cost its consumers $8.99 a month. It will include one free movie a month and will give you 20% off of all concessions. Any tickets purchased as a member will also be 8.99 a month. It will also come with upgrades to their 3D format.

Movie Club doesn’t give the same value as MoviePass but it does put a tiny dent in the market that is looking for more convenience. Movie Club also allows for online ordering prior to the show which is a big upgrade over those that have to be in the presence of the theater like MoviePass.

Cinemark is hoping that convenience wins out over value and in the case of those that can afford it, they may make inroads. For now, the real winners are moviegoers looking for a better deal, home theaters be damned.

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