Watching major UFC bouts is difficult if you don’t have the money to pay up for the pay-per-view prices. Illegal streams are one way to get around the problem, but they can fry your computer and are inherently fraught with risk. But this is 2017, and there are still brilliant minds out there, and here we have one:

AJ Lester, a Twitch gamer, amazingly live streamed the UFC fight by pretending it was a video game and he was playing it, on Twitch. That’s him in the corner with headphones, a controller, a plea in asking for coins, a Twitch staple, and a few obligatory crazy reactions when something crazy did go down.

He’s doing a damn good job of convincing me this live stream is actually him play a UFC video game. Twitch is a great way to make money by playing video games because the internet is awesome, and not only does it usually get around copyright restrictions, it’s an incredibly fun way to spend an afternoon.

Lester hasn’t yet heard from authorities as to whether he’s violated copyrights (he probably did, but he did it in such an imaginative and creative way that you have to give him credit).

Our modern-day MacGyver, ladies, and gentlemen.

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